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Firefighter transferred to the hospital after car explodes

When a worker is doing their job, they don't always think about getting hurt. This is especially true in the cases of those who work hard to protect their communities, like firefighters and police officers.

In a recent case in Lincoln, a firefighter suffered injuries while attempting to help when a car erupted in flames. The volunteer firefighter from Bennet was at the scene of a fire at Old Cheney and S. 190th when the incident happened.

School bus and car hit when no traffic controls were present

Sending your child to school on a bus feels safe. The bus is large, and the likelihood of others not seeing a large yellow object is minimal. Still, these buses do sometimes get into accidents, and children can get hurt.

When buses are involved in crashes, it can mean that many people end up having to go to the hospital. While the seats of a bus are compartmentalized, people can still be thrown or injured. People in smaller vehicles can be crushed and injured, too.

Get compensated if you've been hurt on the job

If there is one thing you never expected, it was to be blinded on the job. You were working with co-workers on a construction project when it happened.

You were working with a saw when the unit kicked back. It had caught a knot in the wood, but the result was that the piece was launched directly into your eye. Though you were able to remove it, the damage was significant from the impact and from the splinters that stuck out from the piece.

Warehouses present specific risks for injury

As an employee in a Nebraska warehouse, you know you provide a valuable service to the nation's economy. Distributing goods to businesses and consumers keeps the country moving forward, and you may be feeling even more pressure as the holiday shopping season approaches.

It is imperative that, even under stressful conditions, you and you co-workers follow protocol for safety and caution. As beneficial as your work may be, it is also potentially dangerous. In fact, in a single year, over 17,000 warehouse employees suffered injuries serious enough to keep them from working. This number does not include those whose injuries resulted in death.

Halloween Safety Tips

What fun it can be to dress up and get sweet treats!  What fun it can also be to hear a doorbell ring, open the door to the cutest little tricker treaters requesting goodies from you! This is also a great time to have a themed party and dance the night away with friends and family.  Halloween can be fun for most of us but it is also an important time to remember safety.  Please take a few minutes to read the attached article on tips for adults, children, and homeowners this Halloween season!

Fall Driving Safety Tips

Fall is such a beautiful season for most of us!  However, with the change comes driving changes as well.  Leaves falling, more rainy days, even mornings where freezing might occur.  It is important that we all know the best ways to drive safely in these changes.  The article below addresses Fall driving safety tips that are easy to remember and super helpful to know.

Crash on Highway 10 leaves 3 injured

Of the ways you can get hurt, one of the most common is a car crash. There are dozens of reasons why car crashes could happen. Of the factors that play a role in crashes, distractions are among the most serious. They often lead to rear-end collisions, much like this one.

Serious collisions can occur when a driver isn't paying attention or when a vehicle fails to stop in a timely manner. Take, for example, a case out of Nebraska in which a driver rear-ended another vehicle.

Fall Fire Safety Tips

Fall is here!  For most of us, that means cooler weather, changing and falling of the leaves.  It means sweaters, hot drinks, and a nice warm fire.  But what we need to always consider first and foremost is safety measurements to prepare of for the season.  The below article gives great tips on Fall fire safety and what you need too do to keep warm and safe this season!

3-vehicle crash leads to 4 cases of injury in Nebraska

Multivehicle crashes are some of the worst because they result in multiple impacts. A person who is struck once might have minor or moderate injuries, but a second impact from another vehicle could cause more severe injuries.

After a significant multivehicle crash, obtaining fair compensation is a necessity. It helps cover the cost of medical care, and it can also help you make up for other losses, like missing work.

Dooring accidents: Hold the negligent party responsible

When you were riding your bicycle, you didn't think that you'd have any problems getting to your destination. There were barely any cars on the roads, and you were riding in broad daylight.

That's why it was such a surprise when a parked vehicle's door suddenly swung out into your path. You had no time to respond, and you hit it directly. You were thrown from your bike and fell onto the roadway, suffering broken bones and a serious head injury.

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