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3 dead, others injured in serious collision in Nebraska

A woman from Kearney is facing felony motor vehicle homicide charges for her role in a collision that killed three and injured herself and one other passenger. The crash, which took place in October 2018, occurred when the woman ran a stop sign and hit an eastbound vehicle on Highway 30 and Road 447 near Overton.

The 20-year-old woman was driving several people in her vehicle who were killed. The deceased include an 18-year-old woman and two mean age 20 and 27. The driver and an 18-year-old passenger were injured and taken to the hospital. While the other driver remained at the scene and wasn't hospitalized, it wasn't clear if she suffered injuries.

2 vehicles collide, 1 suffers injuries, 1 flees

Crashes can happen almost anywhere, and the devastation they cause can be shattering. In many cases, crashes end up resulting in serious injuries for at least one victim, block off roadways and damage the surrounding area.

Take, for example, this crash in Nebraska that took place on Jan. 30. According to the news article, there were two vehicles involved in the collision, which resulted in one man being critically injured.

As a trucker, do you aim to get there quickly, or safely?

Millions of truckers haul their cargo in big rigs across the country. Many of them travel from logistics companies in Nebraska. If this is the manner in which you earn your living, you will know that you have to consider more than the threat of crashes every time you embark on a trip that will take you across state lines. Occupational hazards in this job include a range of work-related injuries and illnesses.

Safety authorities list transportation and material handling as one of the most hazardous fields of employment. Many of the risks you face can cause long-term health problems, and some are life-threatening.

A surprising reason that aging makes you a worse driver

As people get out of their teens and become adults, they typically become better drivers. Generally speaking, a 35-year-old is a safer driver than a 16-year-old. Some of it is experience. Some is impulse control.

At a certain point, though, the ability to drive starts to fade. The elderly often struggle to drive safely, and many have to give up their driver's licenses.

5 key tips for helping someone with a spinal injury

After a serious workplace accident, it appears that a worker is suffering from a spinal injury. Maybe it was a workplace fall or an accident with heavy machinery. No matter how it happened, this is a very significant injury and their future could depend on how people around them react.

Here are five key tips to keep in mind:

  1. First, those offering first aid should call 911 as soon as possible. Minutes matter. Seconds may matter.
  2. Next, the goal should be helping the person stay still so that they don't make things worse. Their neck and head should be stabilized, perhaps with heavy towels.
  3. In some cases, responders may feel that they need to use CPR. They can, but they should modify the technique to make sure that they don't tilt or move the person's head.
  4. If that worker had a helmet on at the time of the accident, it should stay on. Do not take it off, as doing so can only make things worse. Let emergency crews decide whether to remove it when they arrive.
  5. In some cases, it's necessary to roll the injured person over, perhaps because of bleeding or choking. This can be done, but not by one person. At least two people need to work together so that they can roll the injured party and keep their back, neck and head aligned while they do it.

Dogs biting mail carriers: Not just a stereotype

You can find plenty of pop culture references to dogs biting or chasing mail carriers. It shows up in cartoons, movies and TV shows. But don't make the mistake of thinking that it's a myth or just some sort of stereotype. It's a very real risk for mail carriers in Nebraska and all over the United States.

For instance, in 2015, the U.S. Postal Service claimed that 6,549 employees suffered bites and attacks over the course of the year. That showed an alarming spike, as it actually jumped up 14 percent when compared to 2014.

Study: Accidents increase after a storm

When a winter snowstorm hits, you expect the roads to get more dangerous. You expect accidents and fatalities to increase. After all, driving in snow, ice and slush simply makes the roads more hazardous and reduces control.

Storms can be dangerous, and weather patterns do cause car accidents. That much is clear. What may surprise you, though, is the way that the trends go the day after a storm. Researchers have found out that there is a "significant uptick" in fatal incidents and accidents overall on the day after a severe winter storm.

Do you refuse to put your bike in hibernation this winter?

Some motorcycle riders in Nebraska believe that riding in winter is not an option, and they cover their bikes with tarps and put them in hibernation until the first signs of spring. However, you might have different ideas because, with the proper kit and some common sense, you can make slight changes to your riding style and ride safely when the weather is not at its worst. Riding demands special skills and caution throughout the year; however, it can be particularly treacherous in the winter.

You might be wise to stay inside if snowfall is expected regardless of how tempting it might be to venture out. Conditions will challenge even the most skilled rider's experience and response time. However, you can take precautions that might limit your chances of landing in the hospital -- or worse.

If you spot a drunk driver, what do you do?

Imagine that the car ahead of you can't seem to stay in the right lane. It weaves over the center line, nearly drives off of the shoulder, and keeps drastically changing speeds. When you get to a stoplight, the driver stops well before it, then does not start driving right away when it turns green.

It doesn't take you long to realize that the driver is intoxicated. You know how common drunk drivers are, and you know you've spotted one. Now what should you do?

Work-Related Injuries for Truck Drivers

pallet-loading-container.jpgOpening and closing trailer doors are two of the leading causes of work-related injuries for truck drivers. Recognize the HazardsEnvironment: High winds can catch a swinging trailer door while you are holding it and cause back or shoulder strains. The door could also hit you with great force.

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