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Managing space around your vehicle

safe-driving-distance-infobyte.jpgTo be a safe driver, you need space all around your vehicle. When things go wrong, space gives you time to think and to take action. To have space available when something goes wrong, you need to manage space. While this is true for all drivers, it is very important for large vehicles. They take up more space and require more space for stopping and turning. Check out the attachment that lists the best ways to manage the space around your vehicle.

Workers' compensation denied? Appeal with the right help

Workers' compensation is about more than protecting a company from liability. It's also about making sure people are able to receive benefits in the case that they're hurt while performing their jobs. Regardless of the cause of the injuries, most people will have their claims approved.

There are some cases where a claim may be denied. If that's the situation that you're facing, then you'll want to know why the claim was denied and the steps to take to reverse that denial. Most denied claims are rejected as a result of:

  • Not reporting the injury in a timely manner
  • Not filing a claim soon enough
  • An employer disputing the claim
  • Not receiving medical treatment
  • Poor evidence that the injury was caused by work

National Work Zone Awareness Week

Work+Zone+Sign.jpgIt's National Work Zone Awareness Week! This week is dedicated to reminding motorist to pay attention in work zones while driving. It is critical to slow down when you see the speed zones change in work areas. Those working move in and out of the area to get a job done to make roads better and safer for motorist to drive on. Without the hard work of these individuals, we would not have roads, or road repairs complete. Please take a moment to look over the attachment below...

Can't work because of an injury? You can file a claim

You were traveling when the driver of another vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign. As a result of that negligence, you ended up involved in a T-bone collision.

When you were hit, you ended up breaking your wrist, hitting your head on the window and suffering from broken ribs. You spent time in the hospital, but now you're worried about the financial impact of the crash. You can't go back to your job because of your broken wrist, and your head injury makes it impossible to use a computer, which is part of your job.

What kinds of help can employees get after a work accident?

Even the simplest jobs come with certain risks. No matter what kind of job you have, you may experience an injury on-the-job at some point, and you may not know what to do next or what kind of help you can get. It is in the interests of all Nebraska employees to know what types of benefits they can get and how they can protect themselves after a work accident.

Injured workers have certain rights, but they are often unsure of what those rights include or how they can get what they need for a full recovery. Every accident is different, but you can seek what you need to get better and move forward. You would be wise to familiarize yourself with your employer's workers' compensation procedures and what steps to take in case of an accident at some point.

Car vs. semi crash leads to 2 injuries in dense fog

In dangerous weather conditions, it can be difficult for large trucks to stop. That was part of what caused a serious crash on Highway 15 in Nebraska. A car vs. semi accident resulted in one person being life-flighted to Bryan Hospital.

The crash happened at around 1:15 p.m. near Western. A semitruck was traveling north when it struck a silver Jeep SUV. This caused the SUV to enter a ditch on the side of the southbound lane.

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