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How can burns happen during a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Trucking Safety

Truck crashes often happen in an instant. When these large vehicles collide with a car or other moving vehicle, fire can spread quickly and cause painful burns.

It is important to know the different ways burns occur in order to get the right medical care.

Fuel ignition

One of the primary causes of burns in truck accidents is the crash itself. When trucks hit other vehicles or objects, the impact can cause fuel tanks to rupture or ignite. The resulting fires or explosions can lead to thermal burns for truck occupants and individuals in nearby vehicles.

Heat from the friction of the crash

During a collision, the friction between surfaces can create intense heat. This heat can cause burns for people when they come in direct contact with hot surfaces or objects inside the vehicle.

Electrical problems

Electrical malfunctions resulting from the crash often lead to fires within the vehicle. These fires can burn occupants or emergency responders attempting to put out the flames. Faulty wiring or damaged electrical systems increase the likelihood of these fires during an accident.


In some crashes, people may get stuck inside the wrecked vehicle, making it hard for them to get away from fire or smoke. Hot smoke can cause burns, and any inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes may cause respiratory burns and other serious injuries.

Burn injuries from truck crashes often linger long after the fires go out. These injuries may impact one’s ability to keep their job or even sit and stand. Understanding how dangerous burns are can motivate truckers to work on ways to prevent crashes in the future.