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When insurance companies try to shift the blame

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Personal Injury

When a truck crash leaves you with serious injuries, a personal injury claim might be the only way to cope with your mounting medical expenses and lost wages.

Unfortunately, pursuing a personal injury claim can be difficult, because the insurance company will likely make every effort to deny your claim, including trying to blame you for the accident or your injuries.

How do insurance companies try to place blame on injured drivers?

Insurance companies often look for any excuse to deny or reduce payouts. Sometimes this means looking for evidence that you caused the accident. You will need to provide evidence that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries.

Even if the crash was not your fault, the insurance company might say your injuries were. They may claim that you did not seek prompt medical attention or that your injuries were not the result of the accident. Finally, the insurance company might call the seriousness of your injuries into question.

How can you strengthen your case?

Medical records are critical evidence in a personal injury case. Detailed medical records can dispute the insurance company’s accusations by documenting the seriousness of your injuries and proving that you sought medical attention right after the crash.

The insurance company will conduct its own investigation and may uncover evidence you did not expect. Your lawyer can help you obtain discovery of the insurer’s evidence.

When pursuing a personal injury claim, you should use all available resources and prepare yourself to dispute the insurer’s attempts to place the blame on you.