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How do truck rollovers happen?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Blog, Trucking Safety

When navigating the road, a person may find that they are driving behind a large truck that appears to be leaning from side to side. A sudden rollover crash that follows this instability can lead to a pile-up involving multiple vehicles.

Staying aware of how these types of accidents happen is key when someone is facing injuries and complications from one.

Shifted cargo weight

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a heavy load can potentially tip a truck over and cause it to roll along the road. A load that is constantly moving or is not properly tied down can greatly affect the center of gravity on a truck. Truckers may not account for how much their cargo can tip them and make the entire vehicle roll forward.

Sudden turns in the road

Navigating a sharp turn in a truck is different than in a car or a smaller vehicle. Taking a turn too quickly can lead to a truck’s weight moving forward too fast and making the whole vehicle roll. Other vehicles that bump them while going around a turn can also lead to a rollover crash.

Extreme speed

A truck that is going over the speed limit is hard to control and a trucker may have trouble slowing down in time to come to a complete stop. When a trucker has to swerve to avoid an obstacle in the road, this excess speed can lead to a truck skidding and flipping over.

Noticing these signs of rushed and dangerous driving can help those who are struggling after a truck accident.