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What Should You Do When The Insurance Company Calls After An Accident?

After a trucking accident, a call from an insurance company can leave you uncertain. Should you discuss your case with the caller? Could you make a mistake that endangers your claim?

At Brock Law Offices, we represent the interests of injured people, not the interests of the insurance company or other parties. Our Lincoln-based firm can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, offer guidance at every stage of the claims process and help you fight for the support you need to recover after an accident.

How Might An Insurance Company Treat You Unfairly?

It is important to remember that the insurance company may not have your interests in mind when they contact you. The company’s priority is usually to protect their bottom line, and they will do what they can to achieve that goal.

For example, an insurance company may offer you less money than your claim is actually worth. If you accept this offer – even if the caller says that the offer is “reasonable” – you may not have the support you need to address the full financial impact of your injuries.

The insurance company may also use the things you say as a way to undermine your claim and reduce their liability. If you do not have a full understanding of your injuries or if you say something that indicates that the accident was your fault, it may be difficult to get the compensation you deserve. Even stating that you are doing fine after the accident could harm your claim.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Claim?

You may not have the information or knowledge of regulations that the insurance company does, but an experienced attorney does. Politely declining to discuss your claim with the caller and instead telling them to speak to your lawyer directly can help you protect your access to support. Not only will your attorney advocate for you, they can use their knowledge about the law and injury claims to limit your liability and negotiate a fair resolution.

Don’t Face The Insurance Claims Process Alone

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