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Supporting Those Injured In Accidents On I-80

Work in the trucking industry often takes drivers across borders and through major highways. As they travel between major cities, many truckers find themselves driving on Interstate 80. These truckers may also find themselves involved in a collision on this highway.

At Brock Law Offices, our team understands that accidents that occur on I-80 may involve multijurisdictional issues and other complex details. We support injured truck drivers both within Nebraska and across the nation get the support they need after an accident on the interstate.

What Hazards Might Endanger Truckers On I-80?

Interstate 80 extends over 2,900 miles across eleven states, stretching from San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey. As one of the longest highways in the country, this interstate is a key part of many truckers’ routes as they travel across the United States.

Unfortunately, drivers of semi trucks and other commercial vehicles also face a variety of hazards on I-80. Changing weather conditions, speeding drivers, drunk drivers, poorly maintained stretches of road and other dangers can all impact your safety on these roads. Faulty truck maintenance and other negligent actions on the part of trucking companies, loaders and receivers can also put truckers at risk.

If any of these factors leads to an accident, it is important for injured truckers to have an attorney by their side that understands the complexities of an interstate trucking accident. At Brock Law Offices, we personally investigate the collisions our clients experience and fight to ensure that truckers receive fair treatment and the compensation they deserve.

Discuss Your Collision With An Experienced Attorney

Every collision is unique, even collisions that occur on the same stretch of road. To take the first step in building a legal strategy based on your situation, contact our firm online or call 402-467-3303 to arrange for a free consultation. You will pay no legal fees unless you receive compensation.