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Truck drivers and workers’ comp

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

Trucking is critical in the US. Most companies move freight via commercial trucks. That means that hundreds of thousands of people in Nebraska are truck drivers. In an industry this large, there are bound to be accidents and injuries.

Most people want to know if truck drivers receive workers’ comp. The short answer is yes. Here are more details on workers’ comp for truckers.

State laws require companies to have workers’ comp

State laws require that all employers have workers’ comp. That is true for businesses of all sizes. All drivers working for major commercial companies should have workers’ comp. However, those working for smaller trucking companies should also have workers’ comp. There is no exception for companies in this industry. As long as a driver is an employee, not a contractor or other laborer, they will have access to workers’ comp.

It covers work-related injuries

Workers’ comp covers work-related injuries. By Nebraska law, any driver involved in a crash might be eligible for workers’ comp. Additionally, drivers injured through other work-related duty, such as getting out of a truck or unloading the freight, can file for workers’ comp.

The accident’s cause matters

Worker’s comp covers medical bills and lost wages. Any driver with a valid case can receive these payments, no matter who caused the accident. Drivers do not have to prove that a third party was at-fault for the accident. That said, who caused the accident is still important for truck accident lawsuits.

Workers’ compensation is hard to understand. Each case is unique. However, an experienced truck crash lawyer can help injured drivers get the compensation they deserve. Taking action is the key to getting this compensation.