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Fighting For The Compensation You Deserve After An Accident On The Road Or At Work

We have decades of experience helping people injured in trucking accidents.

$1,500,000 Settlement:

– Truck and Farm Tractor Crash

– Truck rear-ended tractor causing catastrophic injuries to farm worker

$4,950,000 Settlement:

– Semi-truck and motorcycle crash

– Leg and arm injuries, mild traumatic brain injury

– Multiple surgeries

$1,125,000 Settlement:

– Motorcycle crash

– Leg injuries

Based out of Lincoln, Nebraskawe help those injured in Nebraska and nationwide.

For Those Injured On The Road, Our Experience Makes The Difference

At Brock Law Offices, we know the difficult realities people can face after having been seriously injured. Attorney Tony Brock has been fighting for the rights of the injured for more than 20 years. Our firm knows the tactics and the tricks the insurance companies use to keep decent people who have been injured through no fault of their own from recovering the full compensation they deserve. Getting positive results from the insurance companies is our bread and butter. Let us help you get what you need to move forward with your life.

Meet Our Attorney

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Tony Brock


Specific Trucking Accident And Workers’ Compensation Experience Separate Us From Our Competitors

Through the decades we have been helping injured truckers, those injured in trucking and other types of motor vehicle accidents, injured workers and others. The reality is that many people who suffered a serious injury may have been injured on the job or on the road in a trucking accident. If the cause of those injuries was a trucking accident, the insurance companies will put up a very strong defense against any claims. It takes direct knowledge from decades of pursuing trucking accident and workers’ compensation claims to be able to effectively fight for the maximum compensation.

WhatClients Are Saying

“Mr. Brock and all members of his law office treated me with respect. Their knowledge of the workers’ compensation system is impressive.”
– Mark H.

“Everyone was so nice to me. Mr. Brock and their staff were knowledgeable about everything. I was very happy with the settlement I received. I have referred people to Brock Law Offices.”
– Ila S.

“I feel as though they went above and beyond to assist me and my needs on more than one occasion. Thank you so much!”
– Jacqueline K.

Our Success Stories

$1,500,000 Settlement:

– Truck and Farm Tractor Crash

– Truck rear-ended tractor causing catastrophic injuries to farm worker

$1,125,000 Settlement:

– motorcycle crash

– leg injuries

$385,000 Settlement:

– Lower back injury

– Multiple surgeries

– Insurance company hotly disputed claim

Attorney Tony Brock Drives Trucks, Owns A Trucking Company And Has Spent Decades Helping Those Injured In Trucking Accidents

One of the best things you can look for in an attorney, after experience and results, is understanding. Your attorney needs to understand what successful resolution of your case means to you. Often there are elements to a case, to the way someone’s life changed after the accident, that need to be accounted for. Not every attorney is going to know what questions to ask to be able to understand how things have changed. Attorney Tony Brock is a trucker with his own trucking company. He understands the situations his clients are going through and he builds cases that reflect what you have been through.

If you have been injured on the road, let us help you effectively pursue the compensation you deserve.