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Standing Up For Those Harmed By Sexual Assault

A sexual assault can have a wide-ranging impact on your life. You may need medical care to protect your health. Your experiences may deeply impact your mental health. You may even lose income if your recovery requires you to spend time away from work.

At Brock Law Offices, we understand the challenges that people face after a sexual assault, and we offer compassionate, skilled representation as they seek justice in a civil claim. Our Lincoln-based team will work with you to understand the unique details of your case and help you pursue the compensation you need.

What Support Can A Legal Claim Offer After An Assault?

The physical and emotional pain that results from an assault can be life-changing, but a personal injury claim against the perpetrator could offer support as you heal. This compensation may include:

  • The cost of health care related to the assault
  • The emotional impact of the assault, including the trauma you experienced and the cost of counseling
  • The loss of income related to the assault

If a third party like a business contributed to your assault, you may also be able to hold them responsible for their part in this event. For example, if a hotel or apartment building did not take steps to protect your safety, that negligent security could be a reason to hold them responsible in a civil claim.

Take Your First Steps Toward Justice Today

Support is available for victims of sexual assault. To discuss your options for a civil claim with an experienced and caring attorney, call Brock Law Offices at 402-467-3303 or reach out to our team online.