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Ways insurance companies try to reduce payouts for truck crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Trucking Safety

An accident involving an 18-wheeler is traumatic for all involved parties. The participants often have to deal with new concerns about their welfare and seek a path to physical and emotional recovery.

Though motorists keep insurance to protect themselves in the event of a crash, insurance companies may seek to pay out as little as possible in the interest of profits. The following things are tactics to watch out for.

Confusing or misleading a policyholder

Insurance documents are often complex and challenging to comprehend. Policyholders might agree to clauses that remove protections. Sometimes an insurer implies that a clause or wording removes coverage when it does not.

Parties to an accident must report the incident to their insurance companies, but a person must speak cautiously. The insurer typically records the call, and an agent may ask tricky questions that work against the policyholder. For example, any implication that a person feels fine or bore some blame for the crash could lead to denying or minimizing a claim.

Delaying a claim

An insurer might make excuses and become unresponsive to calls. The company might also request more documentation than necessary to calculate losses. This strategy might be in hopes that the claimant stops fighting for more money.

Offering quick settlements

A common strategy for insurers is to act compassionately and offer what seems to be a sizeable and fair settlement. However, the first offer is often a lowball payout and may not take into account all factors that can increase the claim.

Dealing with an insurance company alone can lead to a settlement that does not cover all the damages of an accident. Our truck crash lawyers at Brock Law Offices have experience dealing with insurance companies and can negotiate for you while fighting for appropriate compensation.