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Poor Maintenance Pitfalls 

It is important to report vehicle defects and deficiencies to the motor carrier as soon as they are discovered. Not reporting a problem when it first occurs can have serious consequences for both a driver and his/her motor carrier, including potentially a vehicle breakdown or an accident.

Breakdown costs include more than the parts and labor to get a vehicle up and running once again. Every minute a truck is in the shop or placed out of service, it is not being used to bring in revenue to a carrier. An incapacitated vehicle may incur additional expense, such as:

– Cost of towing; driver wages, meals & lodgings when unable to drive

– Cost of renting another vehicle

– Late delivery charges; lost customers and/or a cargo transfer fee

These costs have a bearing on a motor carrier’s bottom line ~ it’s profitability. This in turn can play a role in a driver’s future compensation & benefits with the company.

If a defective part causes an accident, the costs incurred can include insurance deductibles, higher insurance rates, potential litigation and a tarnished safety record for the carrier. For a driver, it could mean potential citations and fines as well as personal injury.

Source: J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.