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Congratulations to my colleague, L. Todd Kelly, of North Austin, Texas, for recovering $5,015,000.00 for the family of a child killed by a chained-up pit bull.

Mr. Kelly has a great passion for helping his clients and it can be felt in the poem he composed for the closing argument:

“I cannot say what I will be…Because of you, there is no me.  You trained your dogs to kill on sight.  Did you even care what they would bite?

I was but a little boy, Who wandered to your house with joy.  I saw your playground – with no fence.  Plus you had some puppies, hence…

I stopped to pet this beast, naive.  But my childish trust you had deceived.  As my life was drained away from me, My favorite toy, the last I’d see.

Did my short life even matter? Will others call this case mere chatter?  If life is precious, as we claim.  Then send a message – give mine fame.

For I cannot – death took from me, Send my message for all to see.  For every child that needs to hear…That those who harm them need to fear.”  

In Nebraska, dog owners are liable for injuries caused by their dogs.  But, we give landlords a pass even if the dogs live on their property. (Smallbear v. Nesbitt)