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When most people think of dangerous work, they think of jobs like police officer, firefighter or construction worker. They don’t think of truck drivers. If you’re a truck driver though, you know the truth. You know the dangers you face on a daily basis. Still, you may be surprised by the numbers revealed in an article by the Department of Labor.

Truck Drivers Are Three Times More Likely To Suffer An Occupational Injury Or Illness

The article breaks down data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data reveals that truck drivers are three times more likely to suffer an on-the-job injury or illness than other workers. Of all occupations, they have the highest number of occupational injuries and illnesses that require at least one day off from work. In 2014, 55,710 tractor-trailer drivers missed work because of a workplace injury or illness.

Fatality data is even more frightening. For years, truck driver fatalities have been on the rise. In 2014, 716 truck drivers lost their lives due to workplace incidents. This means that one out of every six people who lost their lives on the job was a trucker.

While many of the incidents are the result of truck accidents, there are other dangers that truck drivers face when they’re not behind the wheel. Truck drivers are often hurt loading or unloading their trucks. This may result in musculoskeletal disorders that include injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, spinal disks and more. These can be difficult injuries, requiring everything from physical therapy to surgery in order to improve.

The Battle To Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits

After suffering a workplace injury or illness, truck drivers face another battle: the battle to get workers’ compensation benefits. They may find it difficult to get medical benefits and wage loss benefits from their employers. Many trucking companies are self-insured, and they have their own lawyers and nurse case managers helping them to minimize claims. Injured truck drivers need an advocate, and they can find one at Brock Law Offices.

We have been helping injured truckers for more than 20 years. Our law firm is led by an attorney who is also a truck driver. We know the industry and we are committed to helping injured truck drivers and the families of truck drivers who have lost their lives behind the wheel.