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A professional driver’s involvement is key when it comes to a successful preventive maintenance program. Drivers are often the first to notice a problem or issue and can have it repaired before it becomes one that can cause a breakdown or accident.

Driver responsibility – The driver is ultimately responsible for the safe operating condition of his/her vehicle. He/she can do the following to help keep his/her vehicle’s components in good working order:

* Be proficient in detecting maintenance & repair needs and refer them to the correct place for handling;

* Be expert at doing good pre-trip and post -trip inspections, making sure all pertinent components are checked with each inspection;

* Be certain that an annual vehicle inspection has been conducted on the vehicle;

* Stop to check out any potential problems that may be developing with the vehicle.

The driver shouldn’t continue with his/her trip until he/she is satisfied that everything is in good operating condition and it’s safe to do so. Federal and state regulations state that a driver may not drive a vehicle unless he/she is satisfied that it is in safe operating condition.