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On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Firm News

If you are here because you recently received a brochure from us and you were offended by getting a brochure from a lawyer, let me be the first to apologize. It is my name on the brochure, and it is my intention to avoid offending anyone. But, I am not going to stop mailing my brochures to victims of negligence and assaults. Here’s why.

Our firm has over 30 years combined experience litigating injury claims. I have seen settlement documents brought in by people after they have settled their claims and I have been appalled at how they have been taken advantage of by knowledgeable insurance companies and their lawyers. I can do almost nothing to stop this abuse after it has already happened, but I sure am able to prevent an insurance company from abusing a victim of negligence or assault by cheating him/her during settlement.

So, I will continue to fight for the rights of people hurt by others even though I realize I might offend some person who just loves to hate trial lawyers and jumps at the chance to exercise their hate when they open up my brochure. Yet, to be clear, if that same individual is a victim of negligence or an assault and needs a lawyer to hold the insurance company or self-insured employer accountable under the law, I will fight for that person’s rights, too.

I have to obey the law, and I believe others should have to follow the law, too. It is either “Justice for all” or justice for none of us.

So, if you have any questions about your rights as a victim of negligence or an accident, please know that the people in my law firm will be happy to talk to you. That phone call won’t cost you a thing. Please call us at our office for a complimentary claim strategy session.

– Tony J. Brock