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Trying to get the care and financial support you need after a suffering injuries in a motorcycle crash can feel like a wild ride. If your motorcycle accident was the result of another’s negligent actions, according to the laws of Nebraska, you have the right to fair and full compensation for your losses. Unfortunately, many struggle to achieve this.

Motorcycle accidents happen for a number of reasons. What are the main causes? How is liability determined? How can you seek damages?

Typical causes of motorcycle accidents

A big problem with motorcycles is that they are small and harder to see than traditional automobiles. This visibility issue is one of the top reasons motorcycle accidents occur. In fact, two-thirds of all motorcycle collisions occur at intersections where visibility is particularly bad. Other causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Road hazards
  • Bike stability issues

Of course, any driver can experience similar issues, but motorcyclists are more likely to suffer injuries or fatality when such problems arise.

Who is liable for damages?

At the end of the day, it is all about the details. While victim blaming is common following motorcycle accidents, by looking at the big and small details, the truth will eventually come out.

To figure out liability, there are several questions that require answers. How many drivers were involved? What was each driver doing at the time of the crash? What condition were the roads in when the collision occurred? Did a defective part play any role in the wreck?

After answering these questions and reviewing every aspect of the event, it will become clear who may be liable for any damages you have suffered — typically the city, the vehicle manufacturer or the other driver. When that is determined, you may then take action to pursue compensation through legal means, if doing so is appropriate.

Do not hesitate, seek help as soon as possible

After a motorcycle accident, your top priority should be your recovery. When you are ready, however, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of legal counsel to start the process of seeking compensation for any damages you have sustained. Personal injury cases must be filed within a specific time frame, and they can take quite a while to resolve. So, do not wait, seek help as soon as possible.