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When the client entered a convenience store, he didn’t realize he was walking into a dangerous situation. Another man was in the store attempting a robbery. The clerk refused his demands and, instead of warning the client, asked him to call 911.  When the would-be robber walked out of the store, he went right to the client’s car and started rifling through it. The client followed him out and asked him what he was doing, at which point the robber took out a metal bat he had in his backpack and began beating the client with it, causing nerve damage in his right thumb, spraining his left shoulder, and significant trauma to his head, including a moderate to severe TBI, retinal damage, multiple skull fractures, a fractured tooth, a subarachnoid hemorrhage, and a subdural hematoma. While he was on the ground from the final blow to his head, the robber began trying to find his keys, punching the client repeatedly to keep him subdued. Once the robber acquired the keys, he stole the client’s car, leaving him staggering in pain. The attorney worked to show the injuries sustained due to this convenience store not following protocol for robberies resulting in a $91 million settlement.