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How can I keep my passenger safe on a motorcycle?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Blog

Riding a motorcycle is an excellent expression of freedom and speed, but it is also extremely dangerous. The situation becomes even more serious when you take on the responsibility of riding with a passenger.

Ensuring that your passenger has a safe and fun ride is your number one responsibility when you choose to ride two-up as the driver. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation of America, you must ensure that your passenger understands the difference between being a passenger on a motorcycle and a car and also be aware of how carrying a passenger may affect the handling of your motorcycle.

Prepare your passenger

Particularly if your passenger is not familiar with motorcycles at all, practice is imperative. You should take your new passenger out to a parking lot or other protected area so that they can feel how much more acute forces of motion are on motorcycle riders.

It is also important that your passenger be appropriately dressed for riding on a motorcycle. It is not uncommon to see a motorcycle operator and passenger where the operator is wearing full leathers and a helmet and the passenger is wearing cut-off jeans and flip-flops. This is not safe.

Prepare yourself

Be aware that your motorcycle will handle differently with the extra weight of a second passenger on the back. If both of you are wearing helmets, when you stop there is an increased chance of the passenger clinking helmets with you. You will also want to get used to the feel of extra weight and movement behind you. Again, practicing in a parking lot is safest for both you and the passenger before you get out on the road.