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The vehicle is HOT even when you think it is not.

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Personal Safety

53 children died in hot vehicles in 2019.  Let that sink in.  53 children where left to suffer and die in a hot vehicles.  One child is too many.  Out of those deaths:

  • A caregiver forgot the child (54%)
  • A child gain access to the vehicle (25%)
  • Someone knowingly left the child in the vehicle (19%)

It is so important to educate yourself.  A screaming or talking child is so easy to remember.  A quiet child can cause a distraction.  No child should ever be left to suffer and die like that.

The following article lists great information for parents and caregivers to read and understand when it comes to vehicle safety on hot days and children.


Dangers of leaving children in cars | baby gooroo