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Types of workers’ compensation benefits in Nebraska

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers and their families navigate the challenges they face following a workplace accident. Workers’ compensation benefits can help with many of the needs workers and their families may unexpectedly find themselves facing following an injury on the job.

Workers’ compensation benefits can provide relief with medical expenses and lost earnings injured workers may be left dealing with after a workplace accident. They can also help them return to work. Injured workers can receive benefits for all reasonable medical care, including prescriptions and some of their travel costs. Medical expenses may be one of the most significant worries on the minds of injured workers and their families following a workplace accident.

In addition, injured workers can receive payments to cover a percentage of the wages they have lost. Based on the extent of their disability, injured workers can receive disability benefits for temporary or permanent, partial or total, disability. In addition, vocational rehabilitation benefits may also be available to help the injured worker adjust to a new type of work if the injury or disability they have suffered prohibits them from returning to the work they did previously.

Death benefits, including funeral expenses, may also be available to surviving family members, including spouses and certain dependents, following a fatal workplace accident. The protections afforded through workers’ compensation can help injured workers and their families through a trying time following a workplace accident which is why injured workers should be familiar with the help available to them in Nebraska.