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How workers’ compensation benefits can help injured Nebraskans

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits can help truckers and other workers through a difficult time after they have been injured on the job. Injured workers throughout the state of Nebraska should be familiar with the different ways workers’ compensation benefits can help them as they work to get back on their feet following a workplace injury or illness.

Workers’ compensation benefits that may be available to injured workers include benefits for all medical care reasonably needed which can include prescriptions and certain travel expenses. In addition, injured workers may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits for wage loss for their time away from work recovering. Based on the injured worker’s percentage of disability, and if it was temporary or permanent or partial or total, they may be able to receive payments equal to a percentage of their lost wages.

Another important workers’ compensation benefit that may be available and that injured workers should be familiar with includes vocational rehabilitation benefits. If the injured worker in unable to return to their usual type of work for which they have previous training and experience, vocational rehabilitation benefits may help them prepare for alternate employment in the future. Lastly, death benefits may also be available to help spouses and certain dependents following a fatal workplace accident.

All of these different types of benefits fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation benefits in Nebraska. Because of how valuable they can be for injured workers, it is essential that workers hurt on the job, and their families, are familiar with these oftentimes much-needed benefits and how they can obtain them when most needed.