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Workers’ compensation has two primary purposes. One is to relieve an employer from financial liability if an employee is hurt on the job. Another is to make sure an employee is compensated and covered when they need medical care or to recover lost wages as a result of a workplace injury.

It is important to take the right steps to make your claim. To start with, you should focus on getting medical help. If you’re badly hurt, call 911. If not, you can ask your employer which medical facility to go to. There may be one that is preferred over others if you have the time to look for one. In an emergency or when you can’t reach your employer, you can seek help from any medical provider for your first visit.

When you seek medical care, make sure to let them know that you were hurt on the job. The medical provider will have forms that can be filled out for the purpose of a workers’ compensation claim.

Finally, once you’re stabilized, whether that means you can return to work or are still out of the office, make sure your employer knows that you’re hurt and that you want to make a claim.

Your employer has information regarding filing a claim with the workers’ compensation insurance provider. If they refuse to give it to you or try to dissuade you from making a claim, you may want to reach out to your attorney about making sure your claim is filed in a timely manner, so you can focus on your health.