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Blizzard leads to major crashes, injuries in Nebraska

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Personal Injury

Crashes can lead to significant injuries, especially when there are several vehicles involved. Crashes are more likely when the weather conditions are poor and when drivers are unfamiliar with the hazards that they’re being exposed to. With poor weather, motorists may lose control of their vehicles and be unable to remain on the roads. That’s what happened in late February as troopers and medics attempted to help stranded motorists along highways in Lincoln.

The Nebraska State Patrol, combined with the Department of Transportation, announced that Interstate 80 would be closed due to white-out conditions and a number of significant collisions. The highway closed between mile marker 312 and 439.

There were several significant collisions including crashes at mile marker 355, 329 and 409. Some involved injuries, while others caused delays and caused vehicles to become stranded. The first crash, which was at mile marker 355, involved around 30 vehicles.

Another crash happened at mile marker 329, and it involved at least 15 vehicles. The third crash involved 25 vehicles at marker 409. Two Waco Volunteer Fire Department trucks were struck while attempting to respond to a crash. Several people on board were injured and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

All of this happened on a single day, yet hundreds of lives were affected. It is important to know where you stand if you are involved in a collision or if you’re involved in a severe weather event. If you suffer injuries, you need to know how to proceed to obtain compensation from those who caused your crash.