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 Motor carriers with eligible accidents have the opportunity to participate in FMCSA’s Crash Preventability Demonstration Program, which started August 1, 2017. The study is expected to last a minimum of 24 months. FMCSA believes studies show that crash involvement is a strong indicator of future crash risk, while many stakeholders argue that preventability should be taken into consideration. The program will put those arguments to the test. A crash is eligible for participation in the program if it occurred on or after June 1, 2017 and the:

* CMV was struck in any of the following ways listed:

 – By a motorist driving under the influence (or related offense)

 – By a motorist driving the wrong direction

 – In the rear

 – While legally stopped or parked, including when the vehicle was unattended

 – By an individual committing or attempting to commit suicide or driving in front      of the CMV

 – By cargo or equipment from another vehicle

* CMV sustained disabling damage after striking an animal in the road 

* Crash resulted from an infrastructure failure, falling trees, rocks or debris.

To learn more about the study and how to participate, go to: 

Source: J.J. Keller Compliance Focus 2017