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The 7-Step Trucking Accident Procedure

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Blog

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When an accident happens, immediate action is necessary. Complete the following steps as soon as possible after an accident:

1. Stop immediately – Remain calm and pull your vehicle as far off the road as possible.

2. Prevent additional accidents – Turn on the vehicle’s four-way flashers and then set out emergency warning devices. These reflective triangles must be set out within 10 minutes of stopping.

3. Check for injuries – If anyone is hurt, call for medical assistance.

4. Notify law enforcement – When contacting law enforcement, state the location of the accident, number of vehicles involved and number of people involved.

5. Document the accident – Detail is important, so include the following information: Time & location, description of damage to vehicles/property, names and addresses of all involved as well as insurance companies of all involved, type, make, model, license number of all vehicles and the name(s) & department(s) of investigating officer(s). Also draw a simple diagram of the accident scene.

6. Notify your motor carrier – Follow your motor carrier’s notification policies/procedures.

7. Complete a preliminary report – Depending on the motor carrier policy, a preliminary accident report is often used as part of a motor carrier’s investigation into the accident.

Source: J.J. Keller August 2017 newsletter