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Dear Injured Truck Driver…

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

You may have recently received a brochure from us and if you have secured other, competent counsel, we wish you nothing less than the best. Work with your lawyer to get the best result that you can. If you were offended by getting a brochure from a lawyer, let me be the first to apologize. But, I am not going to stop mailing my brochures to injured truckers. Here’s why.

I have been involved in trucking for most of my adult life. I have seen truckers abused by shippers, receivers, lumpers, dispatchers, truck stop operators, law enforcement personnel, and other drivers on the highway. I can do almost nothing to stop this abuse, but I sure am able to prevent an insurance company or a self-insured employer from abusing an injured driver by cheating him/her on benefits.

For over 23 years, I have tried cases in which attorney fees and penalties were obtained on behalf of my clients because insurance companies and self-insured employers cheated their injured drivers. In Nebraska, you cannot get attorney fees and penalties unless benefits are denied without any reasonable basis for the denial. I obtained these fees and penalties because I proved that the insurance company or the self-insured employer had no basis whatsoever to deny benefits, but they did it anyway.

So, I will continue to fight for the rights of injured truckers even though I realize I might offend some person who just loves to hate trial lawyers, and jumps at the chance to exercise their hate when they open up my brochure. Yet, to be clear, if that trial lawyer hating individual is an injured trucker and needs a lawyer to hold the insurance company or self-insured employer accountable under the law, I will fight for that trucker’s rights, too.

I have to obey the law, and I believe insurance companies and self-insured employers should have to obey the law, as well.

So, if you have any questions about your rights under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act, or about your injuries and the benefits that might be owed to you, please know that the people in my law firm will be happy to talk to you. That phone call won’t cost you a thing.


Tony J. Brock