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Selecting a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Most workers' compensation lawyers are good people and good lawyers. The best workers' compensation lawyers have a background that includes more than simply going to college, then to law school, then taking the first job they could find, or opening their own firm because no one would hire them. These backgrounds include, but are not limited to, military service, employment in industry where there are working people and families who struggle to make a living, and former or current business owners. Experience is more important than advanced degrees in practicing workers' compensation law. To be a good plaintiff's lawyer, one must first have a heart, and then a steely will to work hard and to never give up.

Truck Driving Is Dangerous Work

When most people think of dangerous work, they think of jobs like police officer, firefighter or construction worker. They don't think of truck drivers. If you're a truck driver though, you know the truth. You know the dangers you face on a daily basis. Still, you may be surprised by the numbers revealed in an article by the Department of Labor.

Speed Limiters

Recently, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) reported that while the number of deaths occurring in crashes involving semi tractor-trailers, the number of collisions has risen. Now, the bureaucrats want to create a regulation requiring all semi trucks to be electronically governed to 65 miles per hour. I thought we wanted fewer crashes, not more.

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