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Types Of Truck Driver Accidents

While doing the day-to-day work that is so crucial to keeping this country running, truck drivers face many risks. Some of the most common threats to truckers are:

Truck accidents: Even the most experienced drivers can fall prey to accidents. Truck accidents may be caused by anything from inclement weather to careless car drivers who simply do not understand how to drive around 18-wheelers.

Falling accidents: Truckers may suffer serious injuries from falls of all kinds, including falls from loading docks or falls from trucks.

Falling object accidents: Truckers may be severely injured by being hit or crushed under freight falling out of trucks or from cranes, forklifts, shelves or elsewhere.

Lifting accidents: Truckers may suffer lower back injuries or other catastrophic injuries lifting cargo, or pushing or pulling cargo with a pallet jack.

Equipment accidents: Loading docks can be extremely busy, and accidents involving truckers hit by forklifts or other pieces of equipment are not uncommon.

Repetitive stress: Gripping the wheel of a semitruck for hours on end can result in repetitive stress wrist injuries. Truckers may also be susceptible to repetitive motion injuries to the neck, shoulders, lower back and other joints.

An on-the-job accident can take a truck driver out of work for weeks, months or even permanently if the injuries are severe enough. Thankfully, truckers hurt on the job have a right to workers’ compensation benefits just like any other type of employee.

At Brock Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience standing up for the rights of injured truckers nationwide. With our unique background in the trucking industry, we know how to navigate the unique challenges that often arise in trucker workers’ compensation claims. When a truck driver who was hurt in an accident at work is faced with delays, underpayments or outright denial of benefits, we will push back to get what is right. Truckers, we are on your side.

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