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Types Of Personal Injury Compensation

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You have bills to pay and you want to know what types of compensation you will be able to get through a personal injury claim. There are three primary categories of compensation: medical, wage loss and pain and suffering.

Compensation For Medical Bills

Through a personal injury claim, you can pursue compensation for all medical bills incurred because of injuries you suffered due to someone else’s negligence. It is paramount that all medical bills are taken into account, not just those that have already accumulated. Insurance companies frequently offer settlements that cover only medical expenses the victim has already incurred, and then the victim is left on the hook when additional treatment is required. Your compensation should be able to cover future medical expenses arising from your injuries as well, including follow-up doctor appointments and physical therapy sessions.

Compensation For Lost Wages

A personal injury claim should address all missed paychecks. Like medical bills, your compensation should not be limited to wages you have already lost, but should also include any future lost wages. If your injury is severe enough that you will not be able to return to your chosen career and you are forced into a lower-paying occupation, that should be accounted for in your compensation. Even if you are able to return to work at a reduced capacity, you should be compensated for any missed hours.

Compensation For Pain And Suffering

You are also entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering you have gone through because of your injury. Medical bills and lost wages are referred to as economic damages. While they have their complexities, ultimately they involve crunching numbers. Pain and suffering are different and are referred to as noneconomic damages. It is one of the more complex aspects of personal injury claims, because there are no clear numbers attached. One of the reasons to choose an experienced lawyer is to ensure that noneconomic damages are addressed properly as part of your personal injury claim.

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