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Protecting Your Family & Your Estate

You have dreams and goals for yourself and your family. Making those dreams come true starts by making sure you have a comprehensive estate plan in place. It is important to make decisions now about how you want your assets distributed, who you want to provide for, and how the legacy you have worked so hard to build is treated once you have died.

The first step is finding a law firm you can trust to help you. At Brock Law Offices, we will guide you through every step of the family legacy planning process so you can be confident in your choices. We have been helping families in Lincoln and surrounding Nebraska communities for more than 25 years and look forward to helping you solidify the future of your estate.

“Do I Need A Will?”



Everyone needs a will. Contrary to the prevailing sentiment, wills are not just for the elderly. The best time to plan for your future is now, while you still have all your faculties and are not forced into hasty decisions by extenuating circumstances. Failure to create a Last Will and Testament leaves decisions about your assets and property up to the state instead of up to you. Have you worked hard to build a legacy just so the state can decide what to do with it once you are gone?

“What About Probate?”

Probate is the legal process for accounting for and distributing assets once a person dies. It can take months or years and can become quite expensive due to attorney’s fees and court costs. The best way to avoid the hassle and expense of probate is to establish a living trust.

“What Is A Living Trust?”

A living trust allows you to maintain control of your assets while you are alive and avoid those assets going through probate once you die. Our attorneys will help you structure a trust that preserves your estate and provides you with peace of mind.

“What Does Power Of Attorney Accomplish?”

Power of attorney is established to make sure your affairs will be handled by someone you trust in the event you are incapacitated. This includes things like paying your bills and making financial decisions on your behalf and/or for your benefit. A power of attorney can also be set up for health care, naming a person you trust to make medical decisions for you.

Family Legacy Planning Starts With A Life And Legacy Planning Consultation

We look forward to evaluating your needs and creating a plan that protects your loved ones and the legacy you have worked so hard to build. Call 402-327-1777 today or contact us via email to schedule your initial consultation.