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Most common car versus motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are equipped with safety features such as powerful brakes, zero obstruction vision, superior handling, and gripping tires. But there is practically no protection against the force of impact from a car in the usual motorcycle accidents with these vehicles....

Use your seat belt: It could save your life

One thing you probably know well is that you're supposed to wear a seat belt when you're inside your vehicle. As long as a vehicle is moving, wearing your seat belt is important. Why? Objects in motion stay in motion. If you're in a crash, you're more likely to be...

Crash on Highway 10 leaves 3 injured

Of the ways you can get hurt, one of the most common is a car crash. There are dozens of reasons why car crashes could happen. Of the factors that play a role in crashes, distractions are among the most serious. They often lead to rear-end collisions, much like this...