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Opening and closing trailer doors are two of the leading causes of work-related injuries for truck drivers.

Recognize the HazardsEnvironment: High winds can catch a swinging trailer door while you are holding it and cause back or shoulder strains. The door could also hit you with great force.

Equipment: Cargo could shift in transit and fall on a driver if he or she opens the door carelessly.

Personal Behaviors: Standing in the path of falling cargo, hurrying, failing to use a door strap, and ignoring slip, trip, and fall hazards around the truck are unsafe behaviors that contribute to injuries sustained while opening and closing trailer doors.

Know the Defense: 

  1. Start by stretching your back and shoulders.
  2. Ensure there are no obstacles or people that could prevent opening the doors.
  3. Check the wind direction.
  4. Look for slip, trip, and fall hazards around the trailer.
  5. Install door straps, if available.
  6. Stand behind the left-side trailer door and feel the right-side door for pressure from fallen cargo.
  7. If there is no pressure, open the right-side door enough to peer inside for signs of fallen cargo. Do the same for roll-up doors.
  8. If cargo has shifted, try to close the door and lock it, then ask for assistance. Do this for roll-up doors also.
  9. If cargo falls, get away from the area quickly. Do not attempt to catch falling cargo.
  10. If cargo is secure, open the door completely, and secure it to the side of the trailer. Do not attempt to catch a trailer door if it is caught by the wind.
  11. Visually inspect behind the left-side trailer door. Do not open the door if fallen cargo is pressing against the door.
  12. If cargo is secure, open the door and secure it to the trailer.