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Will the NE legislature repeal motorcycle helmet laws?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Blog

Currently, the laws in Nebraska mandate that all motorcycle operators and riders wear a helmet when they are on their bike. While Nebraska is not unique among the 50 states for this rule, it is the only state in its immediate area that has such a comprehensive helmet law.

For this reason, the strict helmet laws in Nebraska are somewhat controversial. In January of this year, some state representatives put forth a bill that would repeal the helmet requirement for motorcycle riders over the age of 21 who have completed a rider safety course..

Reasons for repealing the law

Many Nebraska representatives see the issue of motorcycle helmet safety as a personal choice. Some Representatives who would continue to wear a helmet personally in the face of the legislature receding the helmet law are in support of it for this reason.

A side benefit is that many legislators believe that there would be an increase in motorcycle tourism in Nebraska if they relaxed the helmet laws. There is particular interest in encouraging individuals heading to the Sturgis motorcycle rally to drive through the state. The bill’s supporters believe that relaxing Nebraska’s helmet laws would do this; again, the neighboring states do not have as strict of laws.

Reasons for keeping the law

However, not all motorcycle institutions are for repealing the Nebraska helmet laws. The CEO and president of the Nebraska Safety Council pointed out that after Michigan rescinded its helmet law there was a notable uptick in skull fractures. He went on to compare helmet laws to seat belt laws in cars.