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Lumpers may be at risk for 3 types of back injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

With its many warehouses and distribution centers, Lincoln is an excellent place to work as a lumper. If you have experience loading and unloading commercial vehicles, you probably also earn a high salary. Of course, because it is a physical job, lumping may increase your chances of developing a life-altering injury at work.

Some back pain comes from the normal strain of physical activity. If you have sharp or chronic back pain, though, you may have suffered a serious work-related injury. Here are three progressively worse types of back injuries that often plague lumpers.

1. Soft tissue tears

When you lift, stretch and bend, some tiny tears may appear in your muscles. As these tears heal, you become stronger. Major muscular tears and not normal, however. In fact, depending on the location and severity of your muscular tear, your back injury may require surgery. Likewise, torn ligaments and connective tissues in your back are likely to require medical treatment.

2. Bulging disks

Between each of your backbones, you have soft disks that cushion your spine and help with upper body movement. These disks are vulnerable to damage when lifting, bending and twisting. If a disk slips out of place, swells or ruptures, you are likely to experience excruciating pain. You may also need surgery to repair bulging disks.

3. Spinal cord compression

If you regularly lift heavy objects above your waist or over your head, you may be at risk of spinal cord compression. This condition, which happens when bones in your back or neck deteriorate, may cause you to experience numbness, pain or even paralysis. Doctors may recommend the insertion of metal rods or pins to correct spinal cord compression.

Each of these back injuries is likely to take you away from work for weeks or longer. Fortunately, during your recovery, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits both to help you pay medical bills and support yourself and your family.