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What are some road situations motorcyclists should avoid?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Blog

Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating but dangerous. The key to promoting your safety is to be vigilant on the road because other motorists might not pay adequate attention to smaller vehicles like yours while driving. These drivers could put you in a perilous situation.

Ride Apart examines some road situations that motorcyclists might encounter that could lead to a serious accident, injury, and possibly death. If you see these scenarios develop, keep a cool head and think about how to get out of them as safely as possible.

Approaching a truck blind spot

Car drivers have enough trouble navigating near a large commercial truck. For you as a motorcycle rider, the situation can be even more perilous. Not only do you face the risk of a trucker not seeing you in the truck’s blind spot, but the wind gust generated by a truck could pull on your bike or push you away, or sometimes both at once. Consider how to pass a big truck safely or otherwise avoid riding close to one.

Becoming surrounded by cars

Just about every driver has encountered a slow-moving vehicle in front of them, so you are bound to be no exception. However, this can become dangerous if another car starts to tailgate you because you are riding slowly to match the front car’s speed. This might lead to the tailgating car hitting you and slamming you into the car ahead. To avoid this outcome, look for a way to pass the car in front of you.

Fighting over a lane

A car might pull into the same lane you are riding in, perhaps because the driver is not looking out for motorcycles. This might infuriate you, but it is important not to give into road rage. For your personal safety, look for ways to get away from the car, like accelerate to move ahead, brake to drop behind, or change lanes. If the car driver remains irresponsible, you will want to stay away from him or her as much as you can.