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Statistics on safety concerns affecting truckers

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Trucking Safety

If you are a large truck driver, you likely recognize the risks that come with your occupation. It is pivotal to focus on your safety, but even very experienced and careful truckers find themselves in accidents for a host of reasons. Moreover, there are many risk factors that increase the odds of a collision and it is helpful to review statistics on this issue in order to develop a better understanding of the threats you face every day you work.

Sadly, many large truck drivers suffer serious injuries and even lose their lives when collisions take place.

Reviewing data on truckers and accident risks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published insightful information on some of the risks that large truck drivers face. For example, research shows that 35% of truckers report involvement in a truck accident during their career and 47% of truckers reported that they sometimes operate a large truck even though driving is dangerous due to poor weather, bad traffic or fatigue.

Research found that 14% of large truck drivers do not always wear a seat belt and 73% of truckers believed that they had unrealistic deadlines.

Reviewing strategies to avoid a large truck crash

The CDC outlines a number of steps you can take to reduce the chances of a large truck collision. For example, you should always wear a seat belt while driving, avoid driving while drowsy or distracted and focus on safe driving techniques to reduce the likelihood of a collision. Make sure that your schedule is reasonable and carefully explore your legal options if you sustain an injury in an accident.