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How should you choose your motorcycle helmet?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Personal Safety

Dealing with an accident while on your motorcycle can be catastrophic if you had an unsafe helmet on.

Knowing the proper ways to look for and find a quality motorcycle helmet can help you in the event of a crash.

Pick a correct style

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the varying styles of helmets available in most stores protect you in different ways. Full face motorcycle helmets wrap around your whole head for maximum protection, while other types like half helmets or open-face helmets do not give you as much safety from the wind or other elements outdoors.

Checking the chin straps and visor is also important, and other features are helpful as well. High visibility helmets are usually brighter in color, and allow for other drivers to see you more clearly while on the road.

Check the sticker

The Department of Transportation tests every type of helmet sold in the United States to make sure each kind meets certain safety and quality standards. Once tested, those helmets get a sticker on the back saying they meet the requirements. Look for that DOT sticker on any helmet you want to buy, since it means the helmet met strict safety requirements beforehand.

Note the other features

Some helmets are not meant to protect your skull or head. Instead, these novelty items actually leave you at risk for serious injury if you use them on the road.

You should never use a novelty helmet in place of a real helmet, since the chin straps and inner foam liner are often not strong enough to withstand serious pressure in the event of a crash. Choosing a safe helmet is an important part of preparing to travel on the open road.