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Most common car versus motorcycle accidents

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Blog, Personal Injury

Motorcycles are equipped with safety features such as powerful brakes, zero obstruction vision, superior handling, and gripping tires. But there is practically no protection against the force of impact from a car in the usual motorcycle accidents with these vehicles.

A car turning in front of a motorcycle at an intersection is the most common accident. Drivers make this error when they do not see a motorcyclist or incorrectly judge their speed and then make this turn. Inattention, distraction, blind spots, and failure to look for vehicles besides motorcycles are the usual causes.

Cars veering into a motorcycle’s lane is another common accident. Motorcycles often fall into a motorist’s blind spot and drivers are not conditioned to look for cyclists.

Being rear-ended is a particularly frightening and dangerous accident. This occurs when a motorist is stopped or idling at a traffic stop or crosswalk. A motorist does not see the motorcyclist and then crashes into the cyclist at high speed.

For passenger vehicles, this accident is usually a mere fender bender. Because motorcycles are not equipped with crumple zones or other protection, however, these crashes may be fatal for motorcyclists. Bad visibility and certain times, such as bars and work letting out, increase the odds for these accidents.

Dooring is another common danger for motorcyclists and bicyclists. This occurs when an inattentive driver opens their car door into the motorcyclist’s path. Cars also pose other dangers in this area when they pull out into traffic in front of traveling motorcyclists.  In fact, the area next to parked cars within a door’s width is labeled the death zone by cyclists.

Motorcyclists, if possible, should avoid riding between the active traffic lane and parked cars. This also helps prevent colliding with pedestrians.

There are evasive maneuvers for all these situations. Motorcyclists can also help minimize the risk of these accidents by wearing bright colors on their helmet and jacket, having safety gear, and completing a basic riding course.

An attorney can help motorcyclists injured in a crash with another vehicle obtain evidence. They can assist them with pursuing the right to compensation in a lawsuit.