Nebraska's Truck Crash Lawyer


On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Firm News

In Nebraska and across the United States, traffic has been reduced significantly due to ongoing health concerns. Ironically, fewer people being on the road has had several unintended consequences, some positive and some negative. With less road traffic, there is a lower chance of motor vehicle accidents. Open roads could also lead to people believing they can drive at excessive speeds and take part in other dangerous behaviors such as texting and driving without much of a chance of a collision.


As restrictions loosen, law enforcement expects more vehicles to take to the road. This can again raise the chance of a crash. As summer gets underway in earnest, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) says that there has been a rise in traffic volume. It states that in mid-June, traffic came within 10% of the average for 2016 to 2018. In mid-April, there was a 35% decrease for 2020 when compared to those same years.

Nebraska State Patrol emphasizes the need for vigilance, safety and adhering to the law. That includes maintaining a safe speed, paying attention to the road and not a device, not driving under the influence, keeping a close eye on construction zones and wearing safety belts. Speeding has not been as prevalent with the incremental increase in traffic. In the last week of May to the last week in June, law enforcement gave 83 citations for drivers who were traveling at least 100 mph. The month before, it was 129. There were more citations for drivers exceeding 100 mph than there were at any time in 2019.

Other drivers are encouraged to inform law enforcement if they witness drivers breaking the law. Despite words of warning and attempts to explain how risky the roads can be when drivers fail to adhere to the law and general safety, there will still be people who ignore it. Many were not working and did not need to commute to work. Schools were closed and the roads had less volume. As things slowly normalize, commuters, students, motorcyclists and vacationers will hit the road. Construction projects will restart in earnest. This can be the catalyst for motor vehicle accidents.


After a crash, people can find themselves facing insurmountable personal and financial challenges. They may not be able to get back to work before an extensive recovery process if they can get back at all. To address these issues, a legal filing might be necessary. Recovering compensation for all that was lost is possible, but first, it is wise to contact a legal professional experienced in motor vehicle accidents to determine the first step.