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On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Firm News

As warmer weather settles across the state of Nebraska, more motorcycle riders may take to the roads to enjoy the sunshine on their two-wheeled vehicles. When they do, they may opt to wear short sleeves, vests, and other articles of clothing that allow their skin to breathe as they ride. While summer gear may make riding more comfortable when the sun and temperatures are high, they may also expose riders to a potentially painful and serious injury if they are the victims of roadway accidents: road rash.

Road rash is form of burn that occurs when the skin is subjected to friction. It often happens when a motorcycle accident victim is thrown from their vehicle in a collision with another car and slides across the road, thus giving this serious form of injury its name. While some instances of road rash can be minor, others can leave victims with permanent losses and scarring.

Road rash affects the skin and can result in the removal of layers of skin. When the skin is opened in this form of abrasion, it can become infected. An infection that is left untreated can spread throughout the body and cause serious complications. Not all road rash injuries heal on their own, and some victims may have to undergo surgery in order to recover.

A painful and sometimes serious form of motorcycle accident injury, road rash can be fraught with complications that can result in long recoveries and permanent losses for those who suffer from it. Road rash is often not the only injury that a motorcycle accident victim may have to deal with and may add pain and suffering to one’s post-accident life. While this post offers its readers no medical or legal advice, it encourages motorcycle accident victims to educate themselves about the extent of their serious injuries and the legal options they may have to recover their damages from those who caused their harm.