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Head-on collision with semi leaves one dead, one injured

by | May 1, 2020 | Car Accidents, Trucking Safety

A head-on collision in a rural area north of Lincoln left a man dead and his wife with injuries that authorities described as critical.

The driver of the semi which collided with the car, who was from the Omaha area, did not suffer any physical injuries.

Early reports indicated that the couple were driving westbound on a federal highway in the pre-dawn hours.

The large truck, which was approaching from the opposite direction, for some reason crossed the center line of the two-lane highway and struck the couple’s vehicle head on.

Police described the couple’s car as a small passenger vehicle and reported that both occupants were thrown from the vehicle during the collision.

Several agencies, including an agency in charge of regulating truckers, are continuing to investigate this tragic truck accident. Authorities have yet to file any citations or criminal charges against the trucker, although they have ruled out alcohol as a contributing factor in this accident.

It is not only the law but also a basic principle of safe driving to travel in one’s own lane of traffic. Particularly when a person has to drive close to oncoming traffic, leaving one’s lane even for a moment can cause a severe accident.

Head-on collisions are especially dangerous when a large tuck strikes a much smaller car at highway speeds, as the force of the truck’s momentum is likely to tear the car apart.

This accident left one person dead and his wife fighting for her life in the hospital. The family will likely have to figure out how to pay for both medical and funeral bills and may require replacement income.