Nebraska's Truck Crash Lawyer


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Fatal semi accident occurs on Nebraska interstate

It is an indisputable fact that commercial trucks are a vital part of this country’s economy. Without them, the transportation of goods around the nation would be much more difficult and costly. However, these trucks can still pose a significant risk to others that share the road with them, especially during a truck accident. The recent death of a woman in Nebraska only highlights that reality.

The crash, which occurred in early January on a Nebraska interstate, happened when a man driving a semi-truck heading west lost control of the vehicle. Authorities state that the truck swerved and crossed over into oncoming traffic where a passenger vehicle slid under the trailer.

The driver of the passenger vehicle was injured but received treatment and left the hospital. His wife, who was a passenger in the car, did not survive the crash. Police charged the semi-truck driver with several crimes, including motor vehicle homicide. The semi driver refused to take a breathalyzer test, designed to measure his blood alcohol content (BAC).

Does the victim have options?

No matter what the outcome of the criminal charges may be, the family of the woman who died has other means to pursue justice if they choose to do so. They could decide to file a civil lawsuit against the truck driver, the trucking company, both, or any other parties deemed responsible for the truck accident.

The most effective course of action for anyone in this kind of situation may be to consult a personal injury attorney. A civil claim could result in monetary damages that could help the victims recover and cover any expenses they may have incurred from this tragic event.