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One thing you probably know well is that you’re supposed to wear a seat belt when you’re inside your vehicle. As long as a vehicle is moving, wearing your seat belt is important. Why? Objects in motion stay in motion. If you’re in a crash, you’re more likely to be thrown from your vehicle if you’re not wearing a seat belt.

This simple restraint can save lives, but yet people don’t always use them when they drive. Why? A psychologist in Lincoln believes that it comes down to being a risk-taker. People who get adrenaline from putting their lives on the line, like those who choose to speed on icy or snowy roads, also fit into this category of people.

How does she get people to buckle up? She says it’s through motivational interviewing. Getting them to decide for themselves that it’s important is the key.

Not wearing seat belts is dangerous, and the Nebraska Department of Transportation reports that 64% of the fatalities caused by traffic accidents came down to people not wearing their safety belts. Traffic deaths are up by around 8%, too, so being able to reduce that number just by buckling up would be good for everyone.

Whenever you travel in your vehicle, it’s a smart move to wear your seat belt. Keep yourself restrained, so you’re more likely to be safe if you’re involved in a traffic accident. You may not be able to predict other people’s actions, but you can take steps to make yourself safer in the case that another person hits your vehicle unexpectedly.