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Ergonomics can make a difference in your workplace

One thing that can help prevent workers' compensation claims for repetitive-strain injuries and other on-the-job stresses is prioritizing ergonomics in the workplace. Ergonomics focuses on designing office furniture, equipment and more in a way that suits the human body. It increases efficiency and productivity while reducing discomfort on the job.

A good example is the height of your computer monitor. You know that it should be at eye level for you to sit up straight and to reduce strain on your head, neck and shoulders. However, many offices still have computer screens that are too low.

Keyboards that are too low or too high can strain the wrists, just as monitors that are too close or far away can strain the eyes. Ergonomics, therefore, is an essential part of the workplace to reduce those injury risks.

What are some popular ergonomic features for offices?

A few good ergonomic features that work well in offices include height-adjustable desks, adjustable monitors and adjustable seating with and without arms. The goal with any ergonomic furniture is to make sure that the body is in a relaxed position that is in alignment, so that the risk of strain is reduced significantly.

What should you do if you're suffering from tendonitis or other strain from poor ergonomics in the workplace?

Fist, talk to your employer. They may be willing to order new furniture or allow you to adjust your work environment to suit your height or weight in a more appropriate manner. If you do suffer a significant injury, then it's worth seeking workers' compensation.

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