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Where do many car crashes happen, and why?

Car accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, but did you know that they're more common close to home? One of the reasons for this is because people become more relaxed as they approach home, so they make mistakes and don't pay as much attention as they should. They might even speed up, hoping that they'll get home sooner.

Stay safe in this heat...

thL2W8AC92.jpgHeatstroke, heat exhaustion, burning feet or paws; these are just a few things that can happen when we are out in the extreme heat and not taking proper care of ourselves.  The attached article gives advice and tips on how to know if you are experiencing any health issues due to heat and ways to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Trucking is a rewarding but risky career

Your job as a truck driver has many advantages. The pay is good, and you may have competitive benefits. You get to see many parts of the country. You are performing a valuable service to society. However, there are drawbacks, too. You may feel isolated and alone for many hours a day. You may be separated from your family or find it difficult to put down roots.

Fireworks Safety

Shoot fireworks for Independence day is a tradition we have always had to celebrate America.  More and more each year, we hear about people who mishandle fireworks and all to often result in serious injury or death.  Fireworks are pretty but they are also very dangerous.  Read the attached article to learn more about how you can stay safe during this holiday season.

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