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You were traveling when the driver of another vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign. As a result of that negligence, you ended up involved in a T-bone collision.

When you were hit, you ended up breaking your wrist, hitting your head on the window and suffering from broken ribs. You spent time in the hospital, but now you’re worried about the financial impact of the crash. You can’t go back to your job because of your broken wrist, and your head injury makes it impossible to use a computer, which is part of your job.

You should reach out for support in making a claim

Your focus should be on recovering, not on making sure you have the money to survive. You can reach out to your attorney to handle the negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company if they have one. If they don’t, then your attorney can help put together a strong case against the other party, so you can seek compensation directly.

The last thing you should have to do is make calls to insurance providers or spend time on hold while you’re in pain. This is why many people work with an attorney despite being able to do those things on their own. Additionally, your attorney is skilled in negotiation and is more likely to get you the compensation you deserve rather than a low-ball offer from an insurance company.

Our site has more on what you can do to get the best results from your personal injury claim. With support, you can get what you need to support yourself as you recover.