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If you spot a drunk driver, what do you do?

Imagine that the car ahead of you can't seem to stay in the right lane. It weaves over the center line, nearly drives off of the shoulder, and keeps drastically changing speeds. When you get to a stoplight, the driver stops well before it, then does not start driving...

Work-Related Injuries for Truck Drivers

Opening and closing trailer doors are two of the leading causes of work-related injuries for truck drivers.Recognize the HazardsEnvironment: High winds can catch a swinging trailer door while you are holding it and cause back or shoulder strains. The door could also...

Fall Driving Hazards

The fall season presents many unique hazards that truck drivers should be on the lookout for.Recognize the Hazards:Environment: Fall brings slippery road conditions due to rain, fog, early frosts, and leaves on the roadway.Equipment: Equipment deficiencies, such as...

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