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What can workers’ compensation benefits cover for nurses?

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Blog

Workers’ compensation benefits are typically available to most Nebraska workers, including those in the nursing field, in the event they experience injury in a work-related incident. The claims process can be quite complex, but it is helpful for nurses to understand how this type of insurance works and what they can hope to recover in case they ever need to file a claim.

If you experienced an injury in the workplace, you know how expensive it can be for your family. From your medical bills to hours, days or even weeks away from work, the losses associated with this type of accident can be significant. It is important to know how to pursue a claim for what you deserve, and also to fully understand what workers’ compensation benefits can cover.

Understanding these insurance benefits

Injured nurses may find they are overwhelmed by the process and confused about how they can get the financial support they need. By understanding the benefits likely available to you and learning how to navigate the claims process, you can better protect your interests and your right to recovery. In many cases, workers’ compensation benefits will cover the following:

  • Appropriate compensation for any permanent injuries you suffered
  • Medical care you need for your injuries or your occupational illness
  • Recovery of a portion of your lost wages
  • Retraining and support if you are unable to return to your same job and need new employment options

Additionally, the families of workers killed as a result of a work accident typically have the right to claim certain death benefits. Every workers’ compensation claim is different, and the amount you could receive depends on the nature of your injury, your income and several other factors.

Injured nurses often find it helpful to seek support from an experienced legal ally as they walk through this process. With guidance, you can fight for the full amount you deserve and confront any challenges that may arise.

Moving forward after an accident

A work accident at a hospital or other medical workplace can change your life. These incidents are frustrating, but you do not have to walk through the aftermath by yourself. You can reach out for medical care, physical therapy and other types of support so that you can eventually return to work and enjoy a productive career.

Your work accident could be a threat to your ability to hold gainful employment and support your family, but a claim to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance could help you get what you need to get better and move forward.