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by | Mar 26, 2018 | Blog

When driving in an unfamiliar city, a global positioning system (GPS) (navigation system) can be of help in finding a destination, if the right type of device is used.

It is key to remember that all devices do not perform the same tasks.  A general GPS is intended for personal vehicle use.  As a professional driver, you need a device that is designed for your specific driving tasks.

A GPS designed for the professional driver includes information addressing truck routes, low overpasses, and axle limits.

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All relevant information should be entered into the GPS prior to the driver beginning your trip.  This includes:

  • Vehicle length, width, height,
  • Axle weights, and
  • Hazardous materials being transported (if applicable).

Follow the route suggested by the GPS, but pay attention and obey traffic signs and advisories, especially if they provide restrictions and/or directions the GPS did not alert you to.

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