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Trailer seals are often used to deter theft and maintain cargo security. Typically trailer seals fall into two categories, indicative seals and barrier seals.

Indicative seals are meant for one time use and are typically made of plastic, wire or thin strips of sheet metal marked with a serial number or an identifier. The seal is slipped thru a hasp or around locking bars or handles.

Typically, they can be broken by hand or with simple tools and are not strong enough to prevent intrusion. Plastic strip seals and metal strip seals are examples of indicative seals.

Barrier seals are designed to prevent intrusion and are typically made of metal or metal cable. They often require bolt cutters or cable cutters for removal.

Examples of barrier seals include high-security cables, locking bars and padlocks.

When sealing a trailer, make sure you record the seal number(s) on the bill of lading or other designated shipping document.

– published in Driver’s Report (J.J. Keller)